Koya DocuTracker is a SaaS product that monitors and manages the credit, risk, operational and legal terms of complex and repeatable financing / trading agreements (ISDA, PB Agreements, Lockups, Futures Agreements, and Repurchase Agreements). These agreements are the building blocks for most transactions involving leverage; for firms that enter into derivative or financing transactions on a regular basis, navigating the credit and risk terms in these arrangements is a challenge.


Devi S. Koya


Prior to founding Koya DocuTracker, Devi was a partner at Baker & McKenzie, McDermott, Will & Emery and Stark Investments. At Stark Investments, Devi was responsible for the Operations, Accounting and Finance groups for this 14 billion dollar fund. Devi's career focus and interests for over 20 years (in her business role at Stark and as legal counsel for her clients) have centered around managing and negotiating financing and trading relationships for hedge funds and institutional clients. Her training started in 1997 at Citadel Investment Group, where she was responsible for the firm's trading and financing arrangements.

Chris Carroll


Prior to joining Koya DocuTracker in 2015, Chris had a variety of leadership roles at IBM and Citadel Investment Group. At Citadel, Chris’s roles included IT consultant, Managing Director of Software Architecture, and Managing Director of IT (CIO). At IBM, Chris's roles included Software Developer, Product Manager, People Manager, Development Manager, and a member of the architecture team.

Chris's experience has spanned a variety of software languages, technologies, and architectures. At Citadel, Chris wrote many of the libraries, applications, and servers that the firm initially used to run its business. As he took on more of an architectural role, he spent more time architecting new solutions, and evaluating new technologies. At IBM, Chris worked on a product that centered around high speed data delivery in a trading systems environment. Next, he joined a team developing a financial transaction management SAAS product. Chris successfully integrated a data analytics and business intelligence solution into the project to increase its capabilities.

Currently Chris has been focusing on Cloud architecture, Cloud security and AI around recognizing information in documents.