Transparency for Complicated Agreements


Koya DocuTracker is an AI driven, proactive risk management system that monitors and manages the credit, risk, operational and legal terms of complex and repeatable financing/trading agreements (ISDA, PB Agreements, Lockups, Futures Agreements, and Repurchase Agreements). These agreements support a 500 trillion dollar market; the largest liquid transactional market in the world.

In times of crisis, firms face significant risk due to their inability to readily access information about their trading and financing relationships and counterparty exposure. Koya DocuTracker manages these risks, identifies the weaknesses and strengths, and provides normalized reporting of the terms. There is no down time for finding the right documents and waiting for a rushed legal review that may or may not be accurate.

This SaaS product will be useful for institutional investors, larger hedge funds, broker dealers, life insurance companies, mutual fund complexes, banks and other similar firms involved in significant investment/trading activity.

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  • Tracks material risk, credit, and legal terms (content developed by expert attorneys)
  • Uses industry standard terminology (normalizes dealer specific language)
  • Documents are organized and stored by contract allowing for quick access to relevant materials
  • Robust search engine
  • Canned and custom reports (easy access to information)
    • Side-by-side comparison of normalized terms across counterparties
    • Across business lines, contracts, and counterparties
  • Drill down charts
    • High level summary of information
    • Explore data relationships
    • Customizable drill down
  • Manages and tracks unique contract structures (e.g. umbrella agreements)
  • Benchmark and renegotiate features
  • Training - video tutorials
  • Proactive risk management tool
    • NAV analytics
    • Market triggers
  • Cloud Security - third party verified

The digital transformation of complicated agreements is here! Digitizing all agreement and term information allows access down to the most minute detail. Reports, queries, charts, libraries, and notifications are all available.

  • AI driven, proactive risk management product
    • Alerts users to credit and market events (CD spreads, ratings downgrades, etc.)
    • Manage counterparty exposure
      • Understand your default rights and risks
      • Key person departures, declines in assets, changes in strategies, etc.
    • Reporting – to regulators, CFOs, board of directors, etc. (best practices)
  • Cost savings – manage your funding and trading terms / know your rights in difficult times
  • Plug and play (comprehensive, developed content, and cloud-based)
  • Ftp access to customized reports. (Monthly, weekly, and daily)
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