Managing Agreements:  Users have the ability to efficiently track legal and credit terms, view complete documents and consolidated notice information, and track delivery obligations across multiple agreements.

Document Storage:  Documents are quickly uploaded and stored in the secure Koya DocuTracker system. Documents are always available for clients to review on demand and are searchable by Client Entity or by Agreement.  New Document titles within the system can be standardized or customized to best suit the client’s needs.

Benchmark Client Terms:  Permits the user to easily identify client's preferred terms, starting points for negotiations with new counterparties, and weaker agreements with current counterparties.  Koya DocuTracker also identifies client fallbacks customizable by fund. 

Renegotiate:  The 'Renegotiate' feature serves to identify weaker provisions, incorporate notes to clarify the client's stance, and includes a reporting function to efficiently deliver requests for change without seeking additional input from legal counsel.  When agreements are being entered into the Koya DocuTracker system, the ‘Renegotiate’ feature immediately identifies provisions that deviate from a client's Benchmark Terms.  This permits quick consideration by the client, provides a starting point for renegotiation discussions, and reduces overall legal costs.

Custom Reporting:  Users have the ability to generate Custom Reports for all provisions across single or multiple agreements, and renegotiate provisions, permitting a comparison of existing provisions against Benchmark Terms.  Koya DocuTracker reporting tools provide transparency in reviewing contracts by allowing the user to easily identify the strength of existing agreements.  Detailed agreement information is input in a standardized format, which allows comparison across multiple contracts and counterparties.  Custom Reports are accessible by clients, created upon request, editable and shareable, and are output in an easy to understand Excel or PDF format.

Koya DocuTracker also provides users with Custom Reports of debt ratings, financial strength ratings, and CDS spreads relevant to their agreements.

Predefined Reporting:  Users also have the option to chose from a set of Predefined Reports that have specific agreement provisions pre-selected.  This allows the user to quickly access information for a single or multiple agreements relevant to particular contract terms.

With Koya DocuTracker, clients have the power to track their obligations and other legal considerations relating to their agreements.  This includes, but is not limited to, the ability to identify client trading partner’s legal entities, track the execution of documents, determine calculation and valuation agents, check dispute rights, and observe notification requirements to never miss a deadline.

Koya DocuTracker provides clients with the tools to define and input their preferred or ideal terms into the system. This allows for more efficient negotiations; it presents clients with a clear starting point for negotiations with new trading partners and facilitates clients in focusing their negotiations on the terms they have already identified as most important.  Additionally, clients can identify fallback positions for difficult negotiation situations.  Once Benchmark Terms have been entered into the system, Koya DocuTracker allows clients to compare negotiated agreements against those terms to determine which of their agreements are strong and which are relatively weak.